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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2017


Using the XSLT API from Apigize to transform XML messages

I’d like to build tools for other developers and in the past I created some small tools for BizTalk 2010 and BizTalk 2013 to test your maps. This time I wanted to create something else because nowadays I’m focusing more and more on functionality in Azure. Therefore I created an XSLT API that you can use to transform XML messages with XSLT. The API can also be used to execute BizTalk maps as long you don’t have Custom Functoids. Prerequisites The only thing what you have to do is to create account on Then you get secure and optimized cloud storage for free that is only accessible by yourself. You can upload up to 10 XSLT files without any costs! On the Register page enter your details and then click on the Register button.

Copy the Primary key value from Your subscription details.

Every API request you make to the Web API must be authenticated by including an Authorization Header with your API Key.Click on Files API in the Documentation menu to see the operations of t…


In our previous post, I guided you through setting up a WCF service and protecting it using URL Authentication. Although a lengthy post you would have noticed that setting up url-authentication is actually quite simple and only involving a few steps. Anyways, in this post we will be focusing on adding the integration magic, without adding a single line of custom code, using Azure Logic Apps. The integration magic which we will be adding will take care of the following functionality within our end-to-end scenario. A request will come in which will start our process which is to retrieve a list of customers. The customer information to be retrieved combines the result from two sources; the first source being the WCF service we build in our previous post and the second source a public rest api. The data which is to be returned to the caller as such will consist of the base data originating from the wcf services enriched with data obtained from the public rest api. Visualizing the flow Be…