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BizTalk: Monitoring Host Instances via A Scheduled Task and windows PowerShell script

Configure alerts when host instance stopped
If you ever faced a situation when your BizTalk server is down and you don't have any clue about that before you got a call from client and asking why a system is down.

In this article covers how to configure the alerts when BizTalk host instances stopped, and the same techniques can be applied to receive locations and send ports.

First question will come to your mind, why host instances has been stopped?

Loss of network connectivity with the SQL ServerOut Of Memory exceptionAccess Violation
Some times if database and BizTalk have configured on different servers then it loses connectivity for even a very brief interval, host instances will shut down. The SQL Server goes down unexpectedly, In this situation, the First Failure property will apply.(Host Instance Service Properties) With the default First Failure and Restart service after settings, a single restart attempt is made after 1 minute. If the SQL Server is still not available after…